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Moti Bhasma No. 1 (1gm)

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Strengthens female health, relieves problems related to acidity, pitta - raktapitta, calcium deficiency, excessive heat like excessive thirst,burning sensation in eyes,bleeding through nose,mouth

Contains :1 gm


Moti Bhasma is an effective ayurvedic medicine enriched with the active ingredients of Moti (Pearl). The goodness of one of the most precious metals on the planet is contained in the ayurvedic preparation. It is known to contain natural calcium, hence excellent remedy for those with deficiency of calcium. During pregnancy, if there is a deficiency of vitamins and calcium in the body of the mother, then it is advisable to take Moti Bhasma.

Moti (Pearl) or Mytilus Margaritiferus is a valuable mineral which contains calcium, traces of magnesium, zinc, strontium, selenium and 20-22 amino acids which are the building blocks of every living organism. Pearl powder is a natural moisturizer. Pearl powder contains proteins which renew the skin cells, vitamin B complex and Polysaccharides which strengthen the muscles and the metabolism.

Rose water is mainly used in cosmetics for its lovely scent and soothing properties, but it is one of the most common ingredients in most ayurvedic medicines. In Ayurveda, pure, undiluted and organic rose water is used to make Moti Bhasma.

The ancient ayurvedic preparation of Moti Bhasmaentails a special kind of preparation in which all form of natural products, after purification, are reduced to their oxide or sulphide form. Ayurvedic system of healing involves purification of all form of natural metals like gold, silver and pearl. This purification process determines the effectiveness of the ayurvedic medicine.  The quality of the ayurvedic product depends on the purification of these natural products. Hence it is advisable to buy products from reputed ayurvedic companies in India.


Pearl and Rose Water


It is indicated in acidity, cough, rickets, raktapitta(Hemorrhage), burning sensation of urine, etc.


  • Moti Bhasma  is used as an Antacid, Nervine, Sedative and Alterative.
  • It is used in Hyperacidity, Phthisis, Asthma, and Cough
  • It is beneficial for containing Nervous Excitement 
  • Moti Bhasma is used for its soothing, cooling properties and decreases excess Pitta.
  • It is used for the treatment of Stomach Ulcer
  • It improves the strength of muscles and the metabolism
  • Moti Bhasma is a health supplement and a high quality calcium tonic for proper care of bones
  • It revitalizes the skin and catalyzes new skin cell growth
  • In females, it is useful in leucorrhoea, dysmenorrheal, and abdominal bleeding, menstrual irregularities and menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweat
  • It is effective in case of Calcium deficiency
  • It relieves the problems related to excessive heat like - excessive thirst, burning sensation in eyes, bleeding through nose and mouth
  • It is helpful in curing calcium deficiency & useful in cough, asthma,  acidity & mental weakness.
  • Moti Bhasma is useful for growing children and pregnant women 

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